Selected courses taught at Berkeley:

Quantitative Methods (Political Science 231b, graduate methods sequence)
200a — Comparative politics grad sequence
200b — Comparative politics grad sequence
Democratic Erosion — junior seminar
CPD workshop — graduate research
Research and Writing — 2nd year course focused on student’s research papers leading to 2nd year M.A. paper
GSI Professional Development workshop

A sampling of courses taught at Yale:

Graduate courses
PLSC 508, Research Design/Causal Inference/Replication class (graduate topics class)
PLSC 503, Quantitative Methods (second-semester graduate course).
PLSC 736/INRL 595, Formal Models of Comparative Politics
PLSC 675/INRL 535, Researching Ethnic Politics

Undergraduate courses
PLSC 421b, Development and Democracy
PLSC 393/INTS 382 , Ethnic Politics in Comparative Perspective
— INTS 488, International Studies senior seminar

Information on other courses taught at UC Berkeley and elsewhere is here.